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September 9th, 2009 | Renie Cavallari

Business is a marathon—take small strides

9 Sep, 2009 By: Renie Cavallari Hotel and Motel Management

The more time I spend on this earth, the more I realize it is the small strides that make the most difference. Many times we look for the big hits; those home runs that make the game exciting. And yet for many people, the need for home runs can set them back because the homers only come occasionally, even for the best of hitters.

If you are waiting for the big hits, you will spend a lot of time wondering why you aren’t getting them, which will set you up for more waiting, wondering and worrying. Negativity hurts small strides.

Think about it … The best sales people understand it is the daily target list planning, followed by their daily disciplined and varied contact approaches that builds their pipeline. I find it interesting that even those who are considered experts think customers will buy after placing a few calls or leaving a few messages. The “no one calls me back” theme song seems to have made the Top 10 list. It is a salesperson’s choice to work their never-ending target list along with ongoing and compelling approaches for staying in touch that builds customer rapport and gets customers to buy. Small strides add up.

Think about it … The best leaders understand it is through daily communication with their people that conversations flow and stay real. It is not a monthly employee appreciation meeting or a fun, all-you-can-eat annual holiday party that synergizes people or gets performance to its best levels; it is the never-ending efforts made each day by managers to engage, train and inspire employees that ultimately optimizes productivity and delivers results. Small strides add up.

Think about it … The best customer service teams understand truly caring about and listening to customers is the way to keep them coming back and raving about you. It isn’t that tricky, and yet customer service levels are at an all-time low. Managers who coach their employees in a caring way understand there are big dividends with this approach. Employees know that times are tough and working from the heart gets their hearts beating. Small strides, just like heartbeats, add up.

Think about it … We all have more to do with less and top performers know that getting the right things done will allow them sustained success. They focus on what matters, make the right decisions effectively and look for what is working and what is not to establish what matters the most. Top performers have a process for getting the most important things done, and they stick to the formula. They think strategically and move tactically, never taking their eye off the ball. They understand that the correct small strides add up.

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