Working well: Cascade Coil’s Serenity wire-mesh shower curtain

Cascade Coil has launched its new woven wire-mesh shower curtain, Serenity, which works equally well with natural stone, slate or tile as it does with white or black marble. The standard-sized 72 by 72 inch shower curtain comes in two finishes. “Brightened Aluminum” is masculine with an industrial vibe; while “Brite Pearl Gray” has a softer, non-metallic patina. Both finishes are available in a 1/4-inch18-gauge weave.

Serenity is also available in custom weave sizes, dimensions and finishes including stainless steel.  The water glides off the woven wire mesh; and the fabric is ecologically-friendly lightweight and will not fade, rust or stain. In addition to being 100 percent recyclable, Serenity shower curtains are certified by the Living Building Challenge Declare labeling program.

For small spaces, the woven wire mesh saves floor space without sacrificing style. Also, there’s no worry about washing or dry cleaning and having to rehang the shower curtain. The mesh curtain allows light to pass through and can be used with a liner for added effects. The Serenity shower curtain provides privacy, too. For outdoor showers, the wire-mesh shower curtain becomes a privacy screen.