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Drai’s Beachclub Newswire
Rooftops on the radar   13 Jun, 2014

Here are a couple of properties that have seen their roofs redesigned into spectacular and popular venues.More>>

PTAC units are putting an increased focus on energy efficiency. Newswire

PTACs are helping improve sustainability of hotels by providing new, more efficient technologies.More>>

Roof on the Wit Hotel Newswire
Rooftops: On top of the world   12 Jun, 2014

Designers go upstairs to maximize usable space and views.More>>

blank Newswire
Building extra outlets in   12 Jun, 2014

Casegoods in guestrooms need to be designed and redesigned in such a fashion so as to provide access to sufficient electrical outlets.More>>

Engravings or laser cuts Newswire
Casegoods that look good LASTING DESIGN   12 Jun, 2014

Designers have to take into account several factors when picking the right kind of design for casegoods for hotel guestrooms.More>>

blank Newswire
Savings via detection ENERGY EFFICIENCY   12 Jun, 2014

Hotels can significantly lower costs of utilities by installing and using sensors and controls to maximize energy efficiency.More>>

blank Newswire
UK's Carillion wins $506M Dubai luxury hotels deal    22 May, 2014

UK-based builder Carillion and its joint venture business, Al Futtaim Carillion, have signed, or been selected as the preferred bidder for, contracts in the UAE and Saudi Arabia that are worth in total $675 million, reports Arabian Business. More>>

When used in public seating, leather is often bright and striking Newswire
Materials for hotel seating   12 May, 2014

Hotels increasingly prefer three-dimensional materials and textured surfaces in the materials used for designing public seating.More>>

How to design for guest interaction   12 May, 2014

By focusing on the arrangement of furniture in public spaces, hotels can promote and encourage guest interaction.More>>

Chairs will tall backs Newswire
Guest interaction aided by PUBLIC SEATING DESIGN   12 May, 2014

Some hotel brands are arranging their furniture in unique ways in order to make their properties stand out from one another.More>>

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