Food and Beverage
Day 98 Article
Day 98: July 17, 2009   17 Jul, 2009

5 online tips to target globetrotters; tips for catered meeting breaks; Video podcastMore>>

Purchasing power adds pricing, personnel efficiency   18 Jun, 2009

In today’s world, any purchase—a movie, a book or a refrigerator—can be made at the click of a button and without the hassle of traditional shopping. The process is streamlined. For today’s hotelier, the buying process still hits snags because of the research and negotiation involved in...More>>

Day 52 Article
Day 52: May 12, 2009   12 May, 2009

Who doesn't want to spend less and eat more? Communicating green to guests; Manage water costsMore>>

Guests trust single cups in room   7 Apr, 2009

Regardless of a hotel’s actual cleanliness, perception often rules a guest’s experience. And often, that perception is that most in-room items are unsanitary. Switching from a carafe and a ceramic mug, which required daily cleaning, to a recyclable paper to-go cup, puts these perceptions at...More>>

Single-cup coffeemaker kills carafe   1 Apr, 2009

Of all operational streamlining, coffee services may not be top of mind, but the single-cup coffeemaker can improve housekeeping efficiency.More>>

Pillsbury Place & Bake AM variety pack   19 Mar, 2009

Foodservice operators can offer patrons a wide variety of breakfast baked goods with the new Pillsbury Place & Bake A.M. Sweets Variety Pack from General Mills FoodserviceMore>>

Day 12 Article
Day 12: March 17, 2009   17 Mar, 2009

Guest satisfaction is based on appearances. Use this checklist to make sure your guestrooms live up to expectations. A Sacramento GM gives some quick tips to eliminate costs; and learn how another hotelier shifted his food-and-beverage options to save money.More>>

Day 11 Article
Day 11: March 16, 2009   16 Mar, 2009

Learn the best and most effective ways to organize and cross-train smaller staffs. Get tips on how to fine-tune your bathroom and really wow guests during their stay. And hear what one Minnesota GM has done to cut F&B costs.More>>

Day 5 Article
Day 5: March 6, 2009   6 Mar, 2009

Learn the benefits of partnering with a purchasing company to leverage your company's size, drive down supply costs and streamline your operations. Find out how to calculate the benefits of a towel and linen reuse program at your hotel, and watch our first video podcast with Editorial Director Paul...More>>

Loews Hotels embraces brandwide "Buy Local" mandate   23 Feb, 2009

The new "Adopt-A-Farmer" program supports local farmers, fishermen and independent purveyors.More>>

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