2013 rocked; let’s look to a super 2014 Newswire
2013 rocked; let’s look to a super 2014   12 Mar, 2014

2013 has been a great year for the hotel industry and the magazine, and 2014 is expected to be even better.More>>

Stephanie Ricca Newswire
The ever-changing perception of value   4 Oct, 2013

Be a leisure traveler, experience a hotel from a leisure guest perspective.More>>

Stephanie Ricca Newswire
Bad bosses always teach the most useful lessons   3 Sep, 2013

The best guidance comes from the bad mentors.More>>

Survey: Don’t miss out on this chance!   12 Aug, 2013

Hotel Management surveys provide valuable information.More>>

BHIC Newswire
Brazil Hospitality Investment Conference shows robust market   15 Jul, 2013

There’s no stopping hotel growth in Brazil. More>>

Amy Vaxman Newswire
A warm welcome to our technology issue   19 Jun, 2013

A sneak peek into the Hotel Management’s technology issue.More>>

Investment opportunities grow in Europe, Russia and Africa   22 Apr, 2013

Europe, Russia and Africa offer greener pastures for hotel investment.More>>

blank Newswire
Checking in on your online profile: Professional—or TMI    1 Apr, 2013

Draw the line between professional and personal when maintaining an online profile.More>>

blank Newswire
Stepping up when the sales people have left the building   1 Apr, 2013

A little sales training would help in both personnel and personal development.More>>

Hotels find partner in retail space   29 Mar, 2013

Hotels can benefit from synergistic relationships with connected residential, office and retail space.More>>

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