Hotel facade Newswire
Vijay Dandapani replaces Geoffrey Mills as chairman of The Hotel Association of New York City   13 Nov, 2014

The president and COO of Apple Core Hotels has been assigned a new management role for 2015-16.More>>

2013 rocked; let’s look to a super 2014 Newswire
2013 rocked; let’s look to a super 2014   12 Mar, 2014

2013 has been a great year for the hotel industry and the magazine, and 2014 is expected to be even better.More>>

Stephanie Ricca Newswire
The ever-changing perception of value   4 Oct, 2013

Be a leisure traveler, experience a hotel from a leisure guest perspective.More>>

Stephanie Ricca Newswire
Bad bosses always teach the most useful lessons   3 Sep, 2013

The best guidance comes from the bad mentors.More>>

Survey: Don’t miss out on this chance!   12 Aug, 2013

Hotel Management surveys provide valuable information.More>>

BHIC Newswire
Brazil Hospitality Investment Conference shows robust market   15 Jul, 2013

There’s no stopping hotel growth in Brazil. More>>

Amy Vaxman Newswire
A warm welcome to our technology issue   19 Jun, 2013

A sneak peek into the Hotel Management’s technology issue.More>>

Investment opportunities grow in Europe, Russia and Africa   22 Apr, 2013

Europe, Russia and Africa offer greener pastures for hotel investment.More>>

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Checking in on your online profile: Professional—or TMI    1 Apr, 2013

Draw the line between professional and personal when maintaining an online profile.More>>

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Stepping up when the sales people have left the building   1 Apr, 2013

A little sales training would help in both personnel and personal development.More>>

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