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Guest Relations
Using size to your advantage   24 Oct, 2013

Utilizing all the available space in spas efficiently and to the maximum possible can hold some serious advantages for hotels.More>>

Avenue Suites by Modus Hotels Newswire
Modus Hotels on managing social media   8 Oct, 2013

Modus Hotels SVP Janne Clare talks about how the company manages its social media presence.More>>

Social media marketing: The mobile move   8 Oct, 2013

As social media expands, hotels need to understand and explore this area to reach out to guests better.More>>

Stephanie Ricca Newswire
The ever-changing perception of value   4 Oct, 2013

Be a leisure traveler, experience a hotel from a leisure guest perspective.More>>

Top brands invest in loyalty programs   4 Sep, 2013

Top hotels invest in loyalty programs to retain their most loyal guests.More>>

Stephanie Ricca Newswire
Bad bosses always teach the most useful lessons   3 Sep, 2013

The best guidance comes from the bad mentors.More>>

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Hotel loses defamation bid against TripAdvisor   29 Aug, 2013

A federal appeals court said that the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., can't sue TripAdvisor for defamation. The hotel had ranked No. 1 on a list of dirtiest hotels in America, and the owner said the ranking would irreparably damage his business and reputation. But...More>>

Howard Feiertag Newswire
Successful service recovery is key to customer retention   13 Aug, 2013

Discipline is crucial in sustaining the positive upswings in revenue the hotel industry enjoys today.More>>

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Mounting screens is a smart move   20 Jun, 2013

Is mounting screens on the walls better than recessing signage into them?More>>

Attracting board attention   20 Jun, 2013

Significance of presentation and placement of digital signage. More>>

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