Guest Relations
Five don’ts to keep your business alive—and thriving   18 Jul, 2014

Here is a list of five dos and don’ts to keep your business alive and thriving.More>>

Stephanie Ricca Newswire
Southwest Airlines: 1, International hotel company: 0   17 Jul, 2014

Here is an experience that illustrates the difference between business travel and personal travel.More>>

Outside help: How other companies can help with transportation   27 Jun, 2014

Hotels can sometimes benefit greatly by tying up with/outsourcing from third-party companies for their transport services.More>>

Drivers for The Hershey Hotel Newswire
Eight ways to keep your shuttle service rolling along smoothly   27 Jun, 2014

Here are some quick tips to remember and check off to ensure that the hotel’s transportation services keep functioning smoothly and without a hitch.More>>

Shuttles at the Hyatt Regency Orange County Newswire
In motion HOTEL TRANSPORTATION   27 Jun, 2014

Hotels can improve their transport facilities by using some of these tips to make the experience better for their guests.More>>

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Top PTAC trends include energy efficiency and design updates   13 Jun, 2014

PTAC companies are incorporating new innovations and technologies to improve efficiency of units and improve guest experience while using them.More>>

Remote access systems allow Newswire
PTACs go mobile   13 Jun, 2014

PTACs are integrating mobile utility into their hardware and software design to give more options for control and management to guests.More>>

By the numbers   11 Jun, 2014

Here are some figures related to the kind of service expected and received by guests at different kinds of hotels.More>>

Balancing high-tech and high-touch top marketing concerns   11 Jun, 2014

Participants at the HSMAI roundtable discussed themes, challenges and trends faced by hospitality marketers.More>>

The headboard, bed skirt and mattress liner Newswire
Growing use of the Internet for bed bug shaming   12 May, 2014

Hotels need to be extra careful with pest control now to avoid having their reputation ruined on the Internet by a guest with a bad experience.More>>

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