By booking rooms close to one another, hotels can cut down on travel time for housekeeping, reducing time spent on flipping room Newswire
Housekeeping workflow   17 Oct, 2014

Hotels can get a leg up by being aware of the newest products for housekeeping, which can help speed up processes and eliminate safety concernsMore>>

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Marriott initiative encourages guests to tip housekeepers   15 Sep, 2014

Beginning this week, Marriott will place signature envelopes in more than 160,000 guest rooms at participating Marriott-managed hotels in the U.S. and Canada. The name of the person who cleans the room will be written on the envelope along with a message: "Our caring room attendants enjoyed making...More>>

Improving sustainability in the laundry room   19 Feb, 2014

New trends and equipment are helping improve sustainability and efficiency in the laundry rooms and processes of hotels.More>>

Educating guests Newswire
Achieving sustainability and savings through guest education   31 Jan, 2014

Apart from technological innovation, guest education can go a long way towards helping improve sustainability and savings for laundry.More>>

Protecting linen from chemicals and heat   31 Jan, 2014

Increasing life and durability of linens is beneficial to hotels, as it helps control costs of repair and new purchases.More>>

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Sustainability, savings tips LAUNDRY SERVICES   31 Jan, 2014

Increasing sustainability and efficiency of laundry equipment can lead to high savings for hotels.More>>

Protecting durability   4 Nov, 2013

Regularly maintaining outdoor furniture and protecting its durability can elongate its life by great amounts.More>>

Extending the life of a fridge is about cleaning   4 Nov, 2013

Regular cleaning and maintenance of fridges can extend their life substantially.More>>

Solutions to alleviating the pains of bed making   23 Oct, 2013

Bed-making is the number one complaint from housekeeping staff, and here are some tips to make it easier.More>>

Housekeeping carts can help improve efficiency and minimize injuries. Newswire
Cart misuse puts staff at higher risk for injuries   23 Oct, 2013

While standard housekeeping carts are easy-to-use, incorrect handling can cause some major accidents and injuries.More>>

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