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Hotel Guest Leaves An iPhone Behind? No Problem   20 Sep, 2015

The abyss that is the lost and found – things go in but they don’t come out. The idea conjures up images of the endless box of hats, gloves and clothing at every elementary school – and the few and far between “found it” utterances from children’s caregivers as they rummaged through the...More>>

Allowing guests to choose when their linens are washed gives back to the environment while honoring guest preferences. Newswire
Laundry Sustainability   26 Feb, 2015

Guests want hotels that are conscious of their impact on the environment, and hotels want to streamline their processes and save money.More>>

Improving sustainability in the laundry room   19 Feb, 2014

New trends and equipment are helping improve sustainability and efficiency in the laundry rooms and processes of hotels.More>>

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Achieving sustainability and savings through guest education   31 Jan, 2014

Apart from technological innovation, guest education can go a long way towards helping improve sustainability and savings for laundry.More>>

Protecting linen from chemicals and heat   31 Jan, 2014

Increasing life and durability of linens is beneficial to hotels, as it helps control costs of repair and new purchases.More>>

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Sustainability, savings tips LAUNDRY SERVICES   31 Jan, 2014

Increasing sustainability and efficiency of laundry equipment can lead to high savings for hotels.More>>

Aesthetic consistency   24 Apr, 2013

Let your laundry rooms’ design run consistent with your hotel’s aesthetic appeal.More>>

Pick your placement   24 Apr, 2013

Placement of laundry facilities can make a difference in guest experience.More>>

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Convenience, comfort and concealment Guest-focused laundry ROOMS   24 Apr, 2013

Aesthetically appealing laundry rooms add to guest convenience and comfort.More>>

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Help your linens last longer: Every Wash Counts   18 Jan, 2013 Exclusive

Hotels have started revolutionizing their laundry processes to preserve their linens for a longer period.More>>

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