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HeBS Digital Newswire
Metasearch shakes up online ads   6 Sep, 2013

Metasearch offers opportunities for dynamic advertising.More>>

Dynamic ads Newswire
Online display advertising behind dynamic ads   6 Sep, 2013

Dynamic ads offer opportunities for personalization for different guests. More>>

Measuring success through data points   14 Aug, 2013

Marketers are moving away from last-click attribution model.More>>

Online campaigns aren’t just online   14 Aug, 2013

Need to explore offline channels when designing strategies for online campaigns.More>>

Social networks Newswire
Online strategies picking battles    14 Aug, 2013

Harness the potential of digital marketing to understand guests. More>>

Ataway Exchange Newswire
Ataway Exchange and the power of data   20 Jun, 2013

At Ataway, digital marketers explain how social media is changing travelers’ habits. More>>

Four Seasons Hotel Austin Newswire
Customer service, engagement are priorities   20 Jun, 2013

In utilizing social media, onus lies on engaging customers More>>

Does your website reflect what the market really wants?   19 Jun, 2013

Some of the most desirable hotel website features to help attract traffic.More>>

Could Graph Search make Facebook ‘likes’ relevant?   3 Jun, 2013

With the Graph Search, ‘Likes’ may become more useful for hotels.More>>

How to maximize your Graph Search visibility   3 Jun, 2013

Tips on how hotels can increase visibility on Graph Search.More>>

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