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Understanding the “Digital Elite” is a must for hotels   4 Nov, 2013

A new report sheds light on the new ways the Digital Elite generation is changing how consumers and travelers approach hotels and travel.More>>

Wi-Fi ad models depend on guest behaviors   24 Oct, 2013

The ads a hotel uses to generate revenue through Wi-Fi need to be customized according to the profile and behavior of its clients.More>>

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Preferred Hotel Group goes to points-based loyalty program   15 Oct, 2013

Preferred Hotel Group, which represents 650 independent-minded hotels worldwide, is moving from a recognition-based loyalty program to one that is points based, allowing guests to redeem points, in the form of reward certificates, during stays at more than 450 hotels that are currently involved in...More>>

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Modus Hotels on managing social media   8 Oct, 2013

Modus Hotels SVP Janne Clare talks about how the company manages its social media presence.More>>

Social media marketing: The mobile move   8 Oct, 2013

As social media expands, hotels need to understand and explore this area to reach out to guests better.More>>

Maximizing metasearch benefits   6 Sep, 2013

How to make the most of metasearch in hotel industryMore>>

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Metasearch shakes up online ads   6 Sep, 2013

Metasearch offers opportunities for dynamic advertising.More>>

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Online display advertising behind dynamic ads   6 Sep, 2013

Dynamic ads offer opportunities for personalization for different guests. More>>

Measuring success through data points   14 Aug, 2013

Marketers are moving away from last-click attribution model.More>>

Online campaigns aren’t just online   14 Aug, 2013

Need to explore offline channels when designing strategies for online campaigns.More>>

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