When used in public seating, leather is often bright and striking Newswire
Materials for hotel seating   12 May, 2014

Hotels increasingly prefer three-dimensional materials and textured surfaces in the materials used for designing public seating.More>>

How to design for guest interaction   12 May, 2014

By focusing on the arrangement of furniture in public spaces, hotels can promote and encourage guest interaction.More>>

Chairs will tall backs Newswire
Guest interaction aided by PUBLIC SEATING DESIGN   12 May, 2014

Some hotel brands are arranging their furniture in unique ways in order to make their properties stand out from one another.More>>

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One on one with HBA Singapore's Agnes Ng   7 May, 2014

HBA Singapore's Agnes Ng loves the final product, but it's the journey there that really excites her.More>>

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Innovative materials inspire outdoor pieces   29 Apr, 2014

Outdoor furniture is constantly facing tough conditions, so it is crucial for the furniture to be resistant to fading and wear.More>>

Fire pit placement and seating   29 Apr, 2014

Well-designed fire pits can become excellent venues to encourage guest interactions and meeting spaces.More>>

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Fire pit designs and trends   29 Apr, 2014

Social environments can be easily created in outdoor locations by using fire pits as focal points.Public areas in hotels have been undergoing an evolution for several years now, moving toward more social settings conducive to conversation. Outdoor areas have not been spared, and creating a social...More>>

Bathroom vanities Newswire
Choosing the right kind of vanity can make or break a bathroom space   11 Apr, 2014

There is increased focus on picking the right kind of vanity “furniture” to help improve and complement bathroom design.More>>

Bangalore Brigade Gateway Newswire
Guestroom beds get a more modern twist   11 Apr, 2014

While the white duvet isn’t going away anytime soon, new headboards, shapes, colors and textiles are making for dreamy new hotel beds—here’s how.More>>

Side-lighting Newswire
Lighting design tips for public areas   14 Mar, 2014

Public areas can be lit up effectively using dynamic lighting, thanks to improvements in lighting control systems.More>>

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