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Flooring design: Less color, more texture   17 Sep, 2014

How carpet is made and what materials are used in its construction to have a better idea where these products should be placed and how they should be colored.More>>

Dedicated media stations, like the ones located bedside at the Hotel Vintage in Seattle Newswire
Hotels allowing guests to watch their content on guestroom TV   17 Sep, 2014

Dedicated media stations can help cut down on guest confusion when it comes to streaming.More>>

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Guest amenities make a big statement   15 Sep, 2014

Upper-tier segments lead the way in tying bath products to branding and satisfaction.More>>

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How to upkeep upholstery   20 Aug, 2014

Hotel furniture maintenance is of paramount importance as interactions between guests and furniture can wear down furniture over timeMore>>

The phone remains a ubiquitous feature of the guestroom. Newswire
Guestroom phones going mobile   18 Jul, 2014

A look at how modern guestroom phones are becoming sleeker and more high tech.More>>

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For or against wall mounting: Guestroom TV design   17 Jul, 2014

Hotel guests like familiarity and designers and brands have taken note. More and more, guestrooms are laid out to mimic a residential bedroom, with the guestroom TV acting as the focal point. As homeowners cycled out their CRT TVs for modern flat screens, the hotel industry followed suit, but will...More>>

LEDs: More guest satisfaction and higher profitability   26 Jun, 2014

LED lighting is the perfect solution for properties looking to save on operating expense and improve guest satisfaction.More>>

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Popular materials, textures and more   12 Jun, 2014

Here are some more news updates and videos from the International Hotel Investment Forum.More>>

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Building extra outlets in   12 Jun, 2014

Casegoods in guestrooms need to be designed and redesigned in such a fashion so as to provide access to sufficient electrical outlets.More>>

Engravings or laser cuts Newswire
Casegoods that look good LASTING DESIGN   12 Jun, 2014

Designers have to take into account several factors when picking the right kind of design for casegoods for hotel guestrooms.More>>

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