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Why hoteliers should not be afraid of 1.28-GPF toilets   29 Apr, 2014

With the installation of 1.28 GPF toilets becoming mandatory, it is likely to have a positive impact on water conservation efforts and efficiency.More>>

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Five simple ways to improve the hotel guest experience    11 Apr, 2014

These are some common peeves and annoyances faced by technology savvy guests while travelling, and what to do to avoid them.More>>

Bathroom vanities Newswire
Choosing the right kind of vanity can make or break a bathroom space   11 Apr, 2014

There is increased focus on picking the right kind of vanity “furniture” to help improve and complement bathroom design.More>>

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Guestroom beds get a more modern twist   11 Apr, 2014

While the white duvet isn’t going away anytime soon, new headboards, shapes, colors and textiles are making for dreamy new hotel beds—here’s how.More>>

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Lighting design tips for public areas   14 Mar, 2014

Public areas can be lit up effectively using dynamic lighting, thanks to improvements in lighting control systems.More>>

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LEDs are now easier to use, increase utility   14 Mar, 2014

LEDs have become more affordable and efficient and increased usage can help hotels deal with lighting issues easily without spending too much.More>>

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How mood lighting can affect F&B atmosphere   14 Mar, 2014

Color, specifically, can affect the environment of a space, which is why understanding lighting is crucial to creating an ideal space. Specifically, the use of colored mood lighting has found its way to F&B, but the space should be fully understood in order for the lighting to be used properly.More>>

Roll-in showers Newswire
Finding the space: Renovating bathrooms for ADA compliance   14 Mar, 2014

Hotels have to renovate their bathrooms thoroughly to ensure they are compliant with the updated ADA standards.More>>

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How does your linen stack up?   20 Feb, 2014

Bed linens need to be designed and created so as to withstand the stress of multiple washes and potential customer abuse.More>>

Hotel bedding designs Newswire
Differentiating through design   20 Feb, 2014

Hotel bedding designs are being given increasing importance in an effort to make them stand out and be memorable for guests.More>>

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