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Sense of serenity: Fonte by Rexa Design   4 Feb, 2014

The collection was designed by Monica Graffeo for Italian brand Rexa. Fonte was inspired by Japanese bathing rituals.More>>

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Good shade: Cala and Maranga collections by Marset   4 Feb, 2014

The Cala collection was designed by Joan Gaspar and draws inspiration from the simplicity of the artist's easel. Meanwhile, Christophe Mathieu designed the Maranga collection, which takes its name from an imaginary fruit and reinterprets Scandinavian style through its shape. More>>

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Contemporary offering: Writing desk by Benjamin Boyce   4 Feb, 2014

Made of American white oak and finished with clear wax, the desk's curved back and mint green vinyl writing surface give a contemporary edge to an otherwise traditional design. More>>

Fitness rooms Newswire
A smaller footprint, but still a high-end workout   3 Feb, 2014

Personal fitness items are seeing a rise in popularity in fitness centers, making it easier for hotels to afford new equipment.More>>

The new face of fitness center decor   31 Jan, 2014

Despite innovations in equipment, floor design in hotel fitness centers has largely stuck to traditional methods.More>>

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Healthy renovations FITTING OUT FITNESS CENTERS   31 Jan, 2014

As guests become more and more health-conscious, hotels are renovating and adding new fitness centers to provide facilities demanded by guests.More>>

Physical and software maintenance for TVs   31 Jan, 2014

It is important to conduct physical and software maintenance regularly on televisions to ensure they keep working smoothly.More>>

Outdoor TVs Newswire
Safeguarding, protecting TVs from guests and the weather   31 Jan, 2014

Protecting televisions from wear and tear caused by guests as well as nature helps to significantly increase their longevity.More>>

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Maximizing lifespans HOTEL TELEVISIONS   31 Jan, 2014

Many hotels are looking for ways to increase the lifespans of the televisions used in their properties.More>>

Omni Chicago’s 676 Restaurant. Newswire
Social spaces, cutting-edge technology now design norms    31 Jan, 2014

Hotel designers have to stay abreast of rising customer demand for more communal spaces and greater integration of the latest technology.More>>

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