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Outdoor TVs Newswire
Safeguarding, protecting TVs from guests and the weather   31 Jan, 2014

Protecting televisions from wear and tear caused by guests as well as nature helps to significantly increase their longevity.More>>

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Maximizing lifespans HOTEL TELEVISIONS   31 Jan, 2014

Many hotels are looking for ways to increase the lifespans of the televisions used in their properties.More>>

Omni Chicago’s 676 Restaurant. Newswire
Social spaces, cutting-edge technology now design norms    31 Jan, 2014

Hotel designers have to stay abreast of rising customer demand for more communal spaces and greater integration of the latest technology.More>>

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Splish splat: Preventing bath falls and sticky lawsuits   31 Jan, 2014

It is important to provide facilities that minimize potential harm and injury to guests in bathrooms to avoid prospective lawsuits.More>>

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Jagged edges: Zigzag by Chevalier Edition   30 Jan, 2014

The rug is by Dominique Perrault and Gaelle Lauriot- Prévost, principals of French architectural firm DPA.More>>

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Three-legged wonder: Moonshine footstool by Galvin Brothers   30 Jan, 2014

The Moonshine footstool has a solid oak base that supports a disc of upholstery made by a local supplier called Abraham Moon. It is available in a range of colors.More>>

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Multiple uses: Lap shelving by Case Furniture   30 Jan, 2014

Comprising a solid oak frame and a variety of modular components made from folded, powder-coated sheet metal, the Lap shelving unit can be adapted to the various needs of the user. More>>

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Promoting movement: Kink stool by James Smith Designs   28 Jan, 2014

The Kink stool has a powder coated steel base angled to allow the stool to move with the sitter, while the feet stay firmly planted.More>>

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Handmade beauty: Forge floor lamp by Atelier de Troupe   28 Jan, 2014

Handmade in California, the lamp features a stem that loops into a circular ring base made from brightly colored powder-coated steel or burnished brass. The slender stem of the floor lamp blends into its circular base.More>>

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High performance: MP Global Products' UltraLayer   28 Jan, 2014

The VOC-free, odorless and hypoallergenic UltraLayer is a high performing underlayment that delivers acoustic and insulating performance under ceramic and porcelain tile, and most natural stone.More>>

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