February 23rd, 2010 | Geoff Feingold

Make housekeeping tasks repeatable and standardized

23 Feb, 2010 By: Geoff Feingold Hotel and Motel Management

Question: My corporate-owned property has many groups during the week, but getting those rooms ready for weekend guests is stressful. Every minute guests wait in my lobby is a minute too long. How can I ask my housekeeping team to be more efficient in turning rooms from vacant dirty to vacant clean?

A Here are several ways to improve the rate at which your staff turns a room.

• Make sure you have a Standard Operating Procedure. This ensures everyone knows what is required when cleaning guestrooms. The SOP must explain the differences between cleaning an occupied dirty room versus a vacant dirty room. This will ensure that when it comes to flipping the room, there is not a lot of additional cleaning to do.

• Prepare a multilingual checklist for your housekeepers. This will give them specific tasks to do so the property’s everyday issues will not distract them.

• Have a diagram of the room and the required location of all the small appliances and amenities. This will allow your staff to quickly identify items that are missing or need to be cleaned. Make sure your coffeemakers, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, clock radios, microwaves and refrigerators are located in the same identifiable spot from room to room.

Consistent guestrooms not only help your staff check items off quickly from room to room, but also they allow your repeat guests to feel more at home knowing where these everyday items are located.

Consider applying the same idea in the bathroom with amenities and towels.

• Make your checklist from the guests’ perspective. Sit on the bed and look up at the ceiling. Take note of any stains or water leakage. Turn the TV on and off with the remote. Do the batteries need to be replaced? Is the TV working properly? Is the clock radio working or unplugged? Do all of the lamps work? Walk into the bathroom. Is the tub clean and free of hair or residue? Are the floors and mirrors clean? Does the hair dryer work and is the filter clean? Does the bathroom vent need dusting?

Creating a checklist not only helps improve the quality in which your rooms are cleaned and turned over, but also will help your staff improve its efficiency.

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