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Citing survey, Marriott launches tech-free zones in Caribbean & Mexican resorts

8 Nov, 2012 By: Jena Tesse Fox


A recent survey conducted by Marriott asked more than 1,000 travelers how they deal with the demands of staying digitally connected to their social media, work and family while traveling.

“We wanted to find out how travelers felt about being constantly connected and whether or not they felt they could fully relax during their vacation,” said Michelle Bozoki, director of marketing and e-commerce for Marriott and Renaissance Caribbean & Mexico Resorts. “The majority of respondents felt that staying connected to work added to their stress while vacationing and reported instances of being annoyed by mobile device abuse such as loud cell phone conversations."

To find a happy medium between peace and productivity, the collection of nine resorts created optional “Braincation” tech-free zones that will launch in December and run throughout the winter months. These zones will not allow the use of cell phones or electronic devices. 

The Braincation zones will operate on the honor system and signs indicating an electronics-free environment will be designed to encourage guests to disconnect, relax and enjoy peaceful reading, conversation or other tech-free pursuits.

Results from the survey included:

85 percent of respondents said they had experienced being annoyed by someone talking loudly into their cell phone when traveling

50 percent of respondents reported checking their emails and voicemails multiple times per day while on vacation

39 percent reported checking their emails and voicemails at least once per day during their trip

36 percent said they check their emails and voicemails on the beach

30 percent provide their cell phone numbers to clients while on vacation

31 percent admitted to being tempted to throw their mobile device into the ocean 

Perhaps as a sign of the times and the acceptance of the digital age, only 15 percent of those surveyed said they felt being connected bothered their spouse, partner or fellow traveler.

Social media usage was a main digital source for the survey respondents:

44 percent reported connecting to their social channels while vacationing

82 percent utilized their social channels to keep in touch with family and friends

66 percent utilized their social channels to upload upload and share photos via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, etc.

64 percent update their status on Facebook or tweet via Twitter

64 percent use their mobile device to check-in to a location or search nearby options

The survey was conducted with 1,184 respondents. Fifty-three percent of respondents were male and 47 percent female.

According to Bozoki, the resort collection provides Wi-Fi and other modern tech tools to allow guests to stay as connected as they want to be, but the Braincation tech-free zones will give guests the opportunity for a personal, rather than digital connection.



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