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New ways to increase guest value without cutting rates   11 Apr, 2014

Improving guest perceptions of value isn’t necessarily about cutting rates and prices; there are other beneficial methods too.More>>

How to effectively measure and deliver training results   11 Apr, 2014

Training results need to be packaged and interpreted correctly for hoteliers to maximize utility from them.More>>

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Five simple ways to improve the hotel guest experience    11 Apr, 2014

These are some common peeves and annoyances faced by technology savvy guests while travelling, and what to do to avoid them.More>>

HD and 4K TVs Newswire
The 4K ecosystem: Are you ready?   11 Apr, 2014

4K TVs are the next big tech revolution coming at hotels, but there are still a few problems to be ironed out.More>>

PTAC filters Newswire
Seasonal cleaning PTAC MAINTENANCE   11 Apr, 2014

Regular maintenance of PTACs is of prime importance to ensure their longevity and continued efficiency.More>>

Debris can make an awful mess   11 Apr, 2014

PTACs near the ground floor of a hotel need to be checked extra carefully to avoid damage caused by debris such as snow.More>>

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Why hiding PTACs is not the answer   11 Apr, 2014

Hiding PTACs in an attempt to satisfy design demands can have a negative impact on their efficiency and usability.More>>

Bathroom vanities Newswire
Choosing the right kind of vanity can make or break a bathroom space   11 Apr, 2014

There is increased focus on picking the right kind of vanity “furniture” to help improve and complement bathroom design.More>>

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Guestroom beds get a more modern twist   11 Apr, 2014

While the white duvet isn’t going away anytime soon, new headboards, shapes, colors and textiles are making for dreamy new hotel beds—here’s how.More>>

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE   11 Apr, 2014

Here’s a quick look at some of the key personnel changes in the hotel industry recently.More>>

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