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Six Homewood Suites properties to open in Canada in 1H 2014   11 Apr, 2014

Two properties have opened so far, one in Hamilton, Ontario, and one in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Four more are scheduled to open in the second quarter. The new hotels will bring the number of Homewood Suites properties in Canada to 16. More>>

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Value Place COO talks company developments   11 Apr, 2014

Value Place’s president and COO discusses the latest updates and developments from the company.More>>

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Hotel sales people need to be not just good, but great   11 Apr, 2014

Becoming a great hotel sales person is easy, once one knows the areas on which to focus and improve upon.More>>

Which channels get the majority of your city’s business?   11 Apr, 2014

TravelClick predicts that online booking channels will continue to boom in the foreseeable future.More>>

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Smoothing out the hotel and restaurant relationship   11 Apr, 2014

In the case of third-party restaurants in hotels, it is important to maintain the status quo of the relationship and keep it mutually beneficial and cordial.More>>

New ways to increase guest value without cutting rates   11 Apr, 2014

Improving guest perceptions of value isn’t necessarily about cutting rates and prices; there are other beneficial methods too.More>>

How to effectively measure and deliver training results   11 Apr, 2014

Training results need to be packaged and interpreted correctly for hoteliers to maximize utility from them.More>>

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Five simple ways to improve the hotel guest experience    11 Apr, 2014

These are some common peeves and annoyances faced by technology savvy guests while travelling, and what to do to avoid them.More>>

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The 4K ecosystem: Are you ready?   11 Apr, 2014

4K TVs are the next big tech revolution coming at hotels, but there are still a few problems to be ironed out.More>>

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Seasonal cleaning PTAC MAINTENANCE   11 Apr, 2014

Regular maintenance of PTACs is of prime importance to ensure their longevity and continued efficiency.More>>

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