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Five don’ts to keep your business alive—and thriving   21 Jul, 2014

Find out if you are wasting budget on feedback strategies that no longer hold up. Below are the top five that need to be kicked to the curb. More>>

By the numbers   18 Jul, 2014

Here are some figures showing the rise in net operating income and average holding period.More>>

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Joel Eisemann: brand heavy, asset light   18 Jul, 2014

IHG’s future plans to reduce properties while growing it brand.More>>

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Traveling well with IHG   18 Jul, 2014

New wellness-focused brand Even makes it nearly impossible to fall off the wagon.More>>

The phone remains a ubiquitous feature of the guestroom. Newswire
Guestroom phones going mobile   18 Jul, 2014

A look at how modern guestroom phones are becoming sleeker and more high tech.More>>

A look at the ins and outs of the investor-lender rapport   18 Jul, 2014

Understanding the characteristic peculiarities of an investor-lender relationshipMore>>

Five don’ts to keep your business alive—and thriving   18 Jul, 2014

Here is a list of five dos and don’ts to keep your business alive and thriving.More>>

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U.S. Secret Service warns of data thefts in hotel business centers   18 Jul, 2014

The main targets of these keyloggers are PCs in hotel business centers, where the data theft can be pulled off with little skill while gathering a wide variety of information. Guests are advised to continue to use their own devices to check sensitive information, and only use public hotel computers...More>>

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Enhancing employee performance leads to better sales   18 Jul, 2014

Sales staffers know too well the importance of staff performance at the property level and its effect on the sales operation. All too often, just a little misstep on the part of any service employee will make the difference in the decision-making process of a reservation.More>>

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Red Lion adds to its lodging development and marketing teams   18 Jul, 2014

The company hired David Attardi and Angela Rowe in franchise and lodging development and Sarah Frank in brand marketing. More>>

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