Revinate will provide all four properties at the Swiss resort with its online marketing, reputation and survey tools.

Gold came to the United States from Britain in the late ‘80s and began his career in the hospitality industry.

Within the past two years, more and more independently owned hotels, as well as properties tied to a brand, are starting to bundle airfare and hotel rates.

Any discussion must examine brand-versus-brand competition for the guest as well as brand-versus-third-party competition for the guest.

He has 25 years of senior leadership experience, and previously served as director of operations for Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Scent and sound are associated with the areas of the brain that govern memory and intellect, so why not cater to them?

Sometimes perfection is not the objective. That sentiment was made clear during one panel at the Independent Lodging Congress.

Shruti Gandhi Buckley, who formerly helped lead Marriott's Fairfield and Protea brands, has changed teams and is now leading Hilton's widely…

Cindy Estis Green of Kalibri Labs said hotel customer acquisition costs average 15 percent to 25 percent of guest-paid revenue, with some spending 35 percent.