Guestroom TVs evolve as video on demand loses steam

28 Dec, 2012 By: Elliott Mest Hotel and Motel Management

The guestroom TV has had a long standing as the centerpiece of the hotel guestroom, also functioning as a money-making asset through its video-on-demand offerings. Recently, however, hoteliers are seeing a shift in guest priorities that could present a challenge to VOD.

“If you look at it over the last four to five years, video on demand lost about half of its business,” said Tad Walden, CMO for NXTV Quadriga, which provides set-top boxes and mobile applications for TVs. “Guests are bringing their own content into the room, and hotels are offering more free channels.”

Guests bringing their own movies and video with them on their travels are using personal devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to access it, but hotels are beginning to allow them to take advantage of the room’s larger TVs by transferring the data, though some designers are struggling to achieve this.

“There are a number of issues connected to this technology when you bring it from your home to a hotel setting,” said Christopher Barton, solutions manager for LG. “In a hotel, guests are surrounded by a number of televisions to pair with, and there must be a more intelligent, effective way to manage the transfer in that setting.”

Due to the issues found in wireless data transfer to TVs, a more common and reliable method for guests to access their own content is to offer applications for services they have already purchased. “One trend right now is that travelers have subscriptions to services where they have access to content rather than bringing it with them everywhere,” said Bob Wagner, EVP of sales and marketing for Roomlinx, a provider of interactive TV products. “It is nice for a guest to turn on the guestroom television and see an app for Amazon Video or Netflix, which they already pay for and can then use.”

“The issue with taking advantage of subscription services is that there is little return on investment to the hotel,” Barton said. “Video on demand was a revenue generator in the past, but how does the hotel benefit off of guests using a service such as Netflix? How do you commercialize an app, since it needs a guest’s account details to work? There is a solution, but it isn’t there yet.” 

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