How to maintain upkeep on high-end wallcoverings

7 Oct, 2013 By: Elliott Mest Hotel and Motel Management

While designers are busy taking chances on new materials for hotel wallcoverings, hotel operators must be aware of how to take care of these products so they can live on well after they are installed. Textured wallcoverings, for example, are expensive and unique, making them difficult to replace if they are damaged.

“There is more difficulty involved in cleaning textured items,” said Kelley Sanford, a designer with Moz Designs. “Something like vinyl can be wiped down with any cleaning material, but all the different possible textured surfaces have separate expectations for cleaning.” 

Sanford said that in some cases, the design of the textures can hide some damage, but when they are damaged in plain view the costs of replacement increase. 

Moz Designs’ newest line combines the look of wallcoverings with the reflectance of metal, and their form makes them durable and easy to clean. “Nothing is easier to clean than metal,” Sanford said.

“With the correct substrate specification and preparation, plaster finishes can genuinely last the life of the building,” said Daniel Nevitt, CMO for Armourcoat. 

These finishes also only require minimal maintenance, equivalent to a dusting and a re-waxing “every couple of years,” Nevitt said. He also recommends basic plaster for high-traffic areas that are known to incur damage from guests or hotel staff, as they are easy to replace.

“If a room is respected, anything can last,” said Maxine Hall, creative director at Blackpop. Hall said that the chances hotels take when using high-quality wallcovering designs are well worth the risk when it comes to elevating the look and feel of a space. (Blackpop wallcovering shown above.)

“Hotels have to stand out above the rest; they have to stick in people’s memories,” Hall said. “It doesn’t work for these hotels to be homogenized like a shopping center. You want your hotel to be a talking point.” 

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