November 28th, 2011

Mass. communities raising hotel occupancy taxes to 6 percent

28 Nov, 2011

Milford, Mass., will become the 10th Massachusetts community to approve the maximum 6 percent local option room occupancy tax. State lawmakers allowed cities to increase the hotel tax from 4 to 6 percent in 2009, as a means to reduce debt and increase revenue in times of economic duress.

"We were looking for any revenue source possible and that was one that perhaps would not hurt as much," Town Administrator Jean Kitchen told MetroWest Daily News. "It's just a little extra money to offset all the reductions we're having to make."

The 6 percent rate went into effect July 1, but leaders of the Milford Area and MetroWest chambers of commerce said they have not noticed major economic effects from the hotel tax.

"I think anytime we hear about increased taxes it concerns the business community," Barry Feingold, president and CEO of Milford's chamber, told MetroWest Daily News. "I think the hotels in this town realize surrounding towns have (a 6 percent tax) as well. We're always looking for a level playing field."

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External Source : MetroWest Daily News

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