Tips for luring hotel guests to the bar in 2014

27 Nov, 2013 By: Elliott Mest

Hotel Management's sister publication Nightclub & Bar posted a list of expected trends for owners to focus on throughout 2014. With 2013 being the year of social media promotion and marketing, the defining trends of 2014 have yet to be determined, though there are some key indicators to look at.

Focus on millennials. This generation is characterized by high expectations, disposable incomes and a thirst for new trends. “As millennial continue to invest in the experiential value of dining, eye-catching drink presentation as well as innovative and even adventurous ingredients will continue to drive incremental sales particularly in casual and upscale dining concepts in 2014,” Melanie Austin, account executive at Patrick Henry Creative Promotions, told Nightclub & Bar.

Simplicity should be left behind. Operators are encouraged to think outside of the box and innovate, as guests are becoming tired of repetition in hospitality and want to see personality in the properties they visit. It's open season for hotels to start taking chances on how to attract customers.

Social media is also expected to continue to climb in popularity and utility throughout 2014, and there is also expected to be more social media options available to both guests and operators. Hashtags are now a marketing tool, and it is important to learn to use them in cross-promotion.

4 Hoteliers also highlighted a series of trends for hotels in 2014, specifically in regards to food and beverage options. One of their observations points to chicken's elevation on the price scale for meals, citing the high-end Rôtisserie Georgette, a new upscale chicken-focused restaurant in New York where diners can be expected to pay as much as $70 for poultry. Another trend is an interest in creating bespoke vermouths and keeping them alongside obscure branded cocktails to create an air of mystery at the bar.

Also on the F&B front, Technomic said that customers want assurance that the food they are eating is real. Listing ingredients, sourcing locally and calling out where a hotel sources from can earn big points from today's travelers, who are more educated on their food than ever before.

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