Self service can be superior service, especially when it comes to mobile and hotel guests.

The technology for augmented and virtual reality has arrived, and it’s now up to the hospitality industry to determine its place.

If hotels are looking to win over more guests to book direct, the easy way to do it is to offer free Wi-Fi.

Hotels want to be leaders in technology, but hunting for innovation sometimes backfires. Here are four tips to help protect your property on its way to the…

Each voice-activated hotel room is equipped with an iPad running a custom app that controls the in-room guest experience.

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Given the cross-cutting nature of travel and tourism, a smart city can help create and sustain smart tourism.

Guests at select Starwood hotels in Europe and the Middle East can rent Skyroam’s portable global hotspot with unlimited Wi-Fi for a fee.

A security researcher modified existing technology to create a device capable of reading and duplicating hotel keycards, and can even break into PoS systems.

Blueprint RF services offer Bulk TV's customers the same reliability as its in-room HD television programming services.