The CCJEU has ruled that Wi-Fi providers are not liable for damages if users download content illegally—another wrinkle in the evolution of the service.

The company also introduced a new family of high-performance, cloud-ready access points.

Additional plans are in place to roll out the platform to all of IHG's over 5,000 hotels worldwide, and the company wants to strengthen its offering…

Many operators dream of a property that is running fully in-sync, but persistent data breaches may be reason to question which devices are working in tandem.

More than 20 percent of millennials have used their mobile devices to check into a hotel while 46 percent have booked a hotel stay the same way.

There is still a threat to security through a hotel’s mobile apps, said Rick Garlick, global travel and hospitality practice lead at J.D. Power.

The proprietary portal provides clients with the ability to maintain direct control over every aspect of internet performance at all times.

Self service can be superior service, especially when it comes to mobile and hotel guests.