Each voice-activated hotel room is equipped with an iPad running a custom app that controls the in-room guest experience.

The results of a survey released by Red Roof Inn show that guests believe in-room Wi-Fi and its quality persists in its importance to guests, even beyond…

Given the cross-cutting nature of travel and tourism, a smart city can help create and sustain smart tourism.

Guests at select Starwood hotels in Europe and the Middle East can rent Skyroam’s portable global hotspot with unlimited Wi-Fi for a fee.

A security researcher modified existing technology to create a device capable of reading and duplicating hotel keycards, and can even break into PoS systems.

Blueprint RF services offer Bulk TV's customers the same reliability as its in-room HD television programming services.

Members of Red Lion's Hello Rewards guest loyalty program have complimentary access to upgraded Wi-Fi with increased bandwidth options.

If you do not stop charging for Wi-Fi, your guests will turn against you.

The partnership will result in updated Wi-Fi technology and infrastructure along with stronger digital services.

The location-based marketing platform communicates over the hotel Wi-Fi network to push personalized offers, messages and content.