Google changes Hotel Finder results

2 May, 2012 By: Andrew Sheivachman

When Google entered the hotel search marketplace last summer with the introduction of Google Hotel Finder, industry leaders worried that that the search giant would use its position to edge out brands, OTAs and other distributors from the online booking space. Now, it looks like their worries have become a reality.

Tnooz reports on Google's recent repositioning of its Hotel Finder search results to the top of the Google search page, giving Google's results prevalence over all other results. While Google's service does include offerings from brand sites and OTAs like Expedia, the change is a challenge to hoteliers who also have to battle Google in the online marketing world.

Google said, according to Tnooz, “We’re changing the design layout of our hotel, flight, credit card and bank account results, which help users complete actions such as booking flights quickly and easily. We’ve always disclosed that Google may be paid when a user completes such an action; we want to be clear and consistent in how we do that.”

Search Engine Land reports that Google is blurring the line between organic and paid search, as it tailors its ads to look more like genuine results. "In the new format, the background color that’s used for Google’s traditional AdWords units is gone, writes Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land. "The comparison units also carry a 'Sponsored' disclaimer rather than an 'Ads' one, as with AdWords ads. This seems part of Google’s positioning the new units as something different than ads."

In other words, your potential customers face a more crowded and confusing search environment for the forseeable future.

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