May 7th, 2013 | Adam Leposa

Hyatt uses mobile app to integrate guest experience

7 May, 2013 By: Adam Leposa

Mobile apps can be about more than just advertising – Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is using its mobile app, launched at the beginning of this year, to integrate its guest experience.

“We’re doing 30 percent of all of our traffic through mobile, which includes mobile web, mobile apps and tablets,” said Bill Bernahl, VP of e-commerce and marketing technology at Hyatt.

While both Hyatt’s mobile website and app offer basic information, such as the ability to search for hotels, view photos and other basic information and book, the app offers a richer experience aimed at frequent Hyatt customers, Bernahl said. The app integrates with Apple’s Passbook, offers access to Hyatt’s Twitter concierge @hyattconcierge for customer service requests and can act as a card for Hyatt’s loyalty program.

Having a mobile website and a richer app helps Hyatt reach the broadest possible customer base. “While a lot of people have smartphones, there are a lot more regular feature phones, so if you use only apps you’d be leaving out a lot of people, especially in developing markets,” Bernahl said.

Hyatt developed the app based on research on what the brand’s Gold Passport loyalty members would need out of the experience. “It’s hard to get people to download apps and then use them,” Bernahl said. “That’s why we’ve been trying to make it valuable. If you’re a Gold Passport member who travels a lot, it’s valuable. If you stay with us just once a year, you’d more naturally use the mobile web in the first place.”

Going forward, Hyatt is launching pilot programs for new features to integrate into its app. Through a pilot service called Hyatt E-Concierge, guests can place orders for a wide variety of services, including activities, transportation, dining, airport transfers and spa services.

“We have strong plans in mobile for 2013,” said Bernahl. “In particular expanding our language footprint, not just on our website but our apps as well, and doing additional integration with Passbook on iPhone and deeper integration with the Gold Passport program. My long-term vision is making our app your portal to the property.”

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