December 8th, 2011 | Elliott Mest

Online distribution becoming more common in split-second booking decisions

8 Dec, 2011 By: Elliott Mest

Customers' use of online hotel reservations are becoming more common according to the Tucson Citizen. Specifically, hoteliers are capitalizing on customers' increasing reliance on last-minute reservations by marketing specifically toward travelers who might make such arrangements. Long-distance commuters working late, people without electricity, travelers whose flights are canceled and deal seekers looking for discounts at high-quality establishments are all being marketed to now.

Smartphones are being hailed as the biggest innovation in establishing this growing trend. “In Connecticut, more than half the people were without power for days and days,” Priceline CEO Jeff Boyd told the Tucson Citizen, in reference to an October snowstorm. “We literally watched the hotel reservations light up on our mobile devices.”

This reliance on online distribution has some hoteliers worried, as services like Airbnb popularized ways of renting their homes to travelers in place of traditionally staying at a hotel, according to CNN. Airbnb offers security plans to protect damaged property, which has been a problem for the service in the past, and provides a way for travelers to make money by receiving payment for their space while offering a cheap place for other travelers to stay. Airbnb also has an Android app scheduled to launch within a month, according to The Next Web.

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External Source : Tucson Citizen, CNN, The Next Web

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