2013 rocked; let’s look to a super 2014

2013 rocked; let’s look to a super 2014

March marks my second year since returning to Hotel Management; it also marks a year of significant growth and opportunity here at the magazine. This is a great time to reflect back on our accomplishments and to thank all those who support us all year long.
2013 rocked; let’s look to a super 2014

With that being said....

Thank you first to an incredible magazine staff. Our best-in-class writers have a constant pulse on the industry and our art director makes the magazine pop.


The magazine has experienced significant growth in the past year; we continue to launch new columns to adapt to the changing markets and needs of our readers and this year we even added a 16th issue. The Forecast 2014 issue included Q&As with top executives to get their perspective on how the coming year will unfold. This will now join other key issues: Our November GM issue, showcasing the 25 GMs to watch, and the GM survey, an in-depth look at the industry from those who help run it. We will also continue to provide all our pillar surveys: Top Management Companies, Top Hotel Companies, Purchasing, Design and more. 

In November 2013, we launched Hotel Design, our sister magazine that publishes four times a year and showcases the latest design trends, inspirational ideas, product guides and signature projects. It is coupled with our HOTEC events, where we are able to connect buyers and sellers in person.


The key to growth is creating opportunity—and we think we did this in 2013. We were fortunate to work with Rubbermaid and create a contest called the “Rubbermaid Caring for the Community Award.” Hotels from across the country submitted what they do for their local charities, and after several weeks—and more than 100 submissions—we had a committee whittle it down to the top five. These five hotels were then showcased on a Facebook contest, with our readers deciding the winner.

Drum roll please...The winner was the Holiday Inn New Orleans Westbank. The award included a full suite of the new RCP Executive Series cleaning products for the hotel and its partner charity, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA/SPCA).

We also had the opportunity this year to put together a range of roundtables, representing different topics and industry segments. We’ll kick this year off with an international development discussion at our IHIF show in Berlin.

Of course, educating our readers is one of our main objectives and we feel we’ve been able to do that through the help of our sponsors via white papers and webinars, with featured subjects that included meeting space connectivity, renovations and the evolution of short-term management contracts. All of these can still be viewed on our website: www.hotelmanagement.net. This year we kick off our webinar series on March 12th with “Seeing Green: How to Leverage Green to Capture Savings.” Make sure to join us!

In closing, please keep reading, join us at one of our events, dial into our webinars or download a whitepaper! Above all, thank you for your support and please let me know of any suggestions you may have to help us continue on our path of growth and opportunity. I can be reached at [email protected] 

Kudos from min

Min, the media outlet that covers the business-to-business publishing industry, recognized Hotel Management with an article about our positive advertising performance. I shared some examples of how our team customizes solutions for our customers. Email me at [email protected] for a copy.