5 QUESTIONS WITH ... David Kahn

David Kahn

1 HM: In regard to how you handicap 2014, what specific or significant goals have you set for your company?
DK: At HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, we greatly pride our ability to supply maintenance, repair, and operations and operating equipment and supplies products to hotel properties. We also recently hired Chris Ellington, a veteran in the hospitality textile industry, to help us develop and grow our higher-end textile offerings. 

2 HM: Most pundits predict healthy growth for the industry over the next three years, but what out there could upset this optimism? 
DK: We are cautiously optimistic about the industry over the next three years. We plan to continue to grow our business with existing customers while adding new customers.  

3 HM: They say all business is local. What is happening within your region that is affecting your business the most? What micro concerns do you have? 
DK: HD Supply Facilities Maintenance has more than 100 dedicated hospitality sales representatives across the country, so we are tuned in to local market conditions. We have made a number of strategic investments to increase warehouse capacity to support our growth with new and expanded distribution centers in Calera, Ala.; Columbus, Ohio; Secaucus, N.J.; and Houston.

4 HM: Developing new markets is always top of mind. In 2014, and beyond, where are you concentrating on for growth and expansion?
DK: We are excited about our plans to expand our international capabilities. We are currently developing a platform through various partners to provide our wide assortment of products in a number of key locations in Latin America.

5 HM: Technology and social media play major roles in the hospitality industry today. What is your company doing on those fronts to stay ahead of the curve?
DK: HD Supply Facilities Maintenance went social in 2013, launching our HDSupplyFM Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages to interact with our customers in a new, engaging way. In November, we used social media to communicate with attendees of the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show for the first time. We are also continuing to make strategic investments in technology to provide our customers with the best possible services including rolling out new mobile and tablet versions of our hdsupplysolutions.com website.