5 questions with L.E. Hotels' Kim Owen Dinsoor

Hotel Management: As the hotel industry shifts into 2015, in regard to the overall operations of hotels, what do you perceive to be your biggest opportunity? 
KD: The revenue development technology tools that allow us the opportunity to assist our hotels worldwide in improving their revenues through the various market segment sources.

HM: In regard to the operations of hotels, what do you perceive to be your biggest challenge?
KD: We believe the smart phone and tablet will impact the guest from a WOW factor, but from a personal luxury hotel perspective where personal touch is critical we see the implementation as a strategy.

HM: As it relates to technology in 2015, what hotel service or amenity do you believe will most surprise and wow hotel guests?
KD: The WOW factor is certain to be the biggest opportunity for the guest to engage with the hotel more than ever before, however managing the expectations that this presents can be a challenge.

HM: What goals has your hotel company set forth in 2015 to make sure it is improving the overall guest experience? 
KD: We are for the first time providing a shoppers' report to benchmark our member hotels. These reports will be reviewed and become the standards that will be required to become an L.E. Hotels member.

HM: As it relates to technology and hotel operations, where will the majority of your attention be placed in 2015 and what will be your biggest cost? 
KD: Our major focus will be in digital revenue tools and revenue management software that can provide at least a seven-to-one return on the investment.