5 QUESTIONS WITH ... Sam Cicero Jr.

Sam Cicero Jr.

1 HM: In regard to how you handicap 2014, what specific or significant goals have you set for your company?

SC: There will be a 12-percent growth in revenue throughout 2014, while margins continue to be the same as those we experienced in 2013. 

2 HM: Most pundits are predicting healthy growth for the industry over the next three years, but what out there (government or otherwise) has the possibility to upset this optimism?

SC: Congress has to stop with kick-the-can solutions that have been used in the past and set a long-term course for the industry. If this course we are on continues, segments of the economy are going to be stagnant.

3 HM: Developing new markets is always top of mind. In 2014, and beyond, where are you concentrating on for growth and expansion?

SC: Throughout 2014, Cicero’s Development Corp. will be focusing on developing hospitality in the Midwest region.

4 HM: Technology and social media play major roles in the hospitality industry today. What is your company doing on those fronts to stay ahead of the curve?

SC: Our marketing team is focusing more and more time on social media to get the message out. Social media is being used to notify our followers of recent project awards and accomplishments and also make them aware of what our staff is doing in the community.

5 HM: Nothing can ruin a hotel stay—or transaction otherwise—more than bad customer service. How do you ensure your teams are delivering the best in guest satisfaction?

SC: We suggest meeting with hotel staff daily to understand their client’s needs and then transferring that information to our staff and sub-contractors. Then, hotels should adjust their daily work plan to help accommodate the customer’s needs.