5 questions with Steven Koster of Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Hotel Management: As the hotel industry shifts into 2015, in regard to the overall operations of hotels, what do you perceive to be your biggest opportunity? 
SK: The switch to RFID technology for our door locks opens up a world of opportunities for guest interaction, tracking, and reporting that can all lead to an improved guest experience and increased revenue for us.

HM: In regard to the operations of hotels, what do you perceive to be your biggest challenge?
SK: Keeping up with the customer who grows more savvy as more information becomes easily available. Travel sites, blogs, food shows and specialty news sites all create a more educated customer who must have their increased expectations met.

HM: As it relates to technology in 2015, what hotel service or amenity do you believe will most surprise and wow hotel guests?
SK: When fully implemented, the RFID technology will allow us to wow a guest. From being able to allow a guest to check-in from home and go straight to their room to changing rooms on the fly to being able to track guest behavior and create personalized offerings, the RFID technology will provide us with many ways to surprise our guests.

HM: What goals has your hotel company set forth in 2015 to make sure it is improving the overall guest experience? 
SK: Our goal is to aim for a more personalized, ensuring that our guests feel at home in their unit, that they feel that they are a valued individual and not just one of the masses moving through a lobby.

HM: As it relates to technology and hotel operations, where will the majority of your attention be placed in 2015 and what will be your biggest cost? 
SK: For reasons mentioned above, our focus will be completing the installation of RFID technology across all of our resorts and then learning how to best use the technology for both guest experience and profit.