Horwath, QUO team to consult hospitality industry


Consultancy Horwath HTL and brand creation agency QUO have entered into an alliance to provide the hospitality sector with a new mix of business consulting.

Horwath HTL will provide management services, including asset management, planning and development, valuation, and strategic advice. Meanwhile, QUO will look to deliver on its expertise in brand strategy, corporate identity, content and design creation, video and web services.

This new alliance creates a new kind of synergy that will deliver a different levelof service to clients, which merges traditional consultancy and branding.

James Chappell, global business director of Horwath HTL, said, “We have spent a tremendous amount of time analyzing where we can truly add value for hotel owners in a global market with such a strong proliferation of brands. Partnering with QUO allows us to provide an incredible and complementary solution to hotel owners. Using our market knowledge and experience, combined with QUO’s ability to create and bring to life amazing brands, we can offer a full strategic analysis and brand repositioning service, unique in the industry.”

QUO’s CEO, David Keen, said, “We are extremely excited about this new alliance with Horwath HTL. The hospitality industry is well aware of the high quality of Horwath HTL’s business advice, and combining that with QUO’s specialist experience in hotel and travel branding creates an unprecedented package for the travel industry that is so much greater than the sum of its individual parts.

“Our joint team will now be moving forward to work closely with clients to generate highly innovative strategies that will have a massive impact on the future development of the hotel and travel sector.”


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