Hotel Internet Services

Hotel Internet Services

Founded in 2003, Hotel Internet Services, Inc. (HIS) is a leading provider of secure wired and wireless Internet services, IPTV VOD Systems, the BeyondTV wireless streaming system, and convention services for the hospitality industry, all supported with 24/7 guest service monitoring and support. HIS has deployed numerous facility-wide wired, wireless, and in-room entertainment solutions across the U.S., comprising hundreds of properties representing over 150,000 guestrooms. These include casinos, hotels, resorts, military and student housing, timeshares, condos/apartments, conference centers, and many other venues. Based in Palm Harbor, Florida, HIS maintains three regional offices in the U.S. and Mexico.

Hotel Wi-Fi Solutions - HIS' industry leading hotel Wi-Fi solutions are highly secure and reliable, providing guests with convenience, efficiency and peace of mind. Using a proprietary proven security protocol, HIS systems and services are continuously monitored for security to ensure data protection and privacy, and are maintained by Hotel Internet Services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a commitment to ensuring total network privacy and security, HIS’ online solutions are designed to safeguard users during the most sensitive of data transactions. Fully PCI compliant, HIS shields information such as personal credit or banking details from unauthorized access.

BeyondTV - BeyondTV is the first fully integrated wireless streaming player designed for the hospitality market, allowing guests to view their own personal content on guestroom televisions. With the vast majority of guests opting to travel with smart devices, BeyondTV acts as a revolutionary portal that instantly provides access to personal accounts, such as Hulu. Guests can also surf the web, chat with friends on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and access hotel amenities, such as room service, restaurant/spa reservations, etc. BeyondTV features an HDMI port for hassle-free connection to guestroom televisions.

To ensure guest privacy and data security, the BeyondTV platform creates a virtual private network for each user, so that sensitive personal information cannot be inadvertently shared or accessed by others. Once a guest checks out, all personal data is also automatically deleted. In order to provide even greater peace of mind, BeyondTV also allows guests to manually delete their information at any time with the click of the remote.

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