IMMIDIA IS THE ONLY INSTANT LUXURY MULTISERVICE SOLUTION allowing you to book a yacht, luxury car, prestigious villa or even a private jet online and in just a few minutes. This revolutionary service offers instant customer satisfaction 24/24 and 7/7 thanks to the exclusive IMMIDIA algorithm, capable of offering an immediate response and the nest services at the speed of light. The platform brings together the highest-ranking luxury service providers (licensees) to facilitate and optimize the works of our professional partners, in particular top-level travels agents and palace concierge services, whose priority is to instantly satisfy guest requirements.

IMMIDIA HAS DESIGNED AND SET UP OUTSTANDING GUEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES. This tailored hotline guarantees the personalized follow-up of each customer and consists of a team of 2 dedicated agents for each partner and service, available 24/24 and 7/7. Each IMMIDIA agent is allocated a quota of customers and service providers and is trained to satisfy the IMMIDIA quality charter, meaning IMMIDIA is also one of a kind in terms of customer relationship management.

The IMMIDIA Label offers the assurance of an exclusive and truly excellent service. All businesses wishing to join the IMMIDIA galaxy are audited by an inspection agency entirely designed and developed by IMMIDIA and are obliged to satisfy drastic specifications in which, in addition to the business itself, each of its products and services is audited prior to approval.

Becoming part of IMMIDIA means benefiting from instant, varied, high-quality and secure access to a global supply, offering distinct advantages both for licensed professionals and the platform’s partner businesses. All benefit from the power of a network ensuring the visibility and promotion of their offer, hence enabling professionals to focus their internal resources on services and service provision. All enjoy the exceptional networking opportunities offered by IMMIDIA across different service spheres, together with the guarantee of reliable services at all levels.

IMMIDIA offers businesses the chance to gain access to a worldwide clientele, without any financial undertakings.

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