Trilogy Spa Holdings

Trilogy Spa Holdings
Trilogy Spa Holdings

HISTORY:  Trilogy Spa Holdings (Trilogy) is a professional spa management company dedicated to creating and operating the most innovative, service-centric and performance optimized branded spas in the hospitality industry. Built on a foundation of experienced spa operators, healthcare professionals, beauty and hospitality industry veterans, Trilogy is the critical management link between hospitality companies, integrated medical and wellness services and luxury beauty brands. For more information please visit:


  • Power of Brands: Trilogy understands and harnesses the power of brands better than any other spa management company.
  • Financial Optimization for all partners: Increased spa profitability, increased earnings opportunities.
  • Management Expertise: Senior level spa management and hospitality expertise provide ability to hire, train and retain best-in-class management and staff.
  • Quantitative, results-based promotional marketing programs focused on digital marketing platforms. Utilizing marketing to diversify the Spa’s clientele to include the local market.
  • Consistency: Delivery of consistent experience for every guest.



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