Calling all multiunit hotel owners and developers: Take our survey today!

Hotel Management's 2014 Top Multiunit Owners and Developers survey is open through Sept. 5. The survey is open to all multiunit hotel ownership and development companies. Results will be published in an October issue of Hotel Management. 

Click here to take the 2014 survey, open through Friday, Sept. 5. Or, paste the following URL into your browser:

Click here to see the 2013 Top Hotel Companies survey from the October 7, 2013, issue of Hotel Management. 

This survey is open to hotel ownership companies, development companies, and other entities that own more than one hotel in the U.S. and/or worldwide. Please do NOT participate in this survey if you own a single hotel property. For the purposes of this survey, please only include data for hotel properties that you or your company own a majority stake in (51 percent or more). Hotel franchise companies are welcome to participate in the survey but all data should reflect majority-owned properties ONLY. 

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Participation in all Hotel Management surveys is voluntary. If companies wish to be listed they must fit the survey's criteria and they must complete the survey by the cutoff date. Inclusion in survey listings is open to all companies that fit a survey's criteria and submit the required information on time. Participation in surveys is free. Hotel Management is not responsible for ensuring companies complete the survey.