Case Study: Coffee Experience


Coffee Experience

Presented by Red Lion Hotels Corporation | October 23rd, 2015

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The coffee experience has remained unchanged for decades. Frankly, like those pre-ground packets, the experience is growing stale. At RLHC, we are rooted in the Pacific Northwest, where the coffee culture began, and we are focused on delivering that experience to our guests in our lobbies. Our brands are elevating their coffee offering and raising consumer expectations.


Industry-wide, in-room coffee machines suffer from a poor reputation. A growing number of guests are wary of the cleanliness of these machines and ignore them altogether. Those who do use them find the flavor lacking. By eliminating the machines from the rooms, we can offer a fresher, better tasting toast that creates a memorable experience and differentiates our brands from the rest.


Within our family of brands, Red Lion Hotels and Red Lion Inn & Suites will begin offering a lobby coffeehouse experience system-wide by the end of 2016, replacing in-room instant coffee, just as it is currently offered in the Hotel RL branded hotels.

Victrola Coffee is currently served complimentary in the lobbies of Hotel RL, which began with the August debut of the brand, Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor. Founded in 2000 in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, Victrola showcases the craft of coffee with professionally trained baristas who prepare delicate and exquisite espresso beverages.

Whidbey Coffee, named for the Puget Sound island, will be served in the lobbies of Red Lion Hotels and Red Lion Inn & Suites by the end of 2016. Additionally, members of Hello Rewards—our guest recognition program—will receive perks that include eCodes for credit toward the purchase of Victrola and Whidbey coffee products online.


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