Case Study: Interactive Signage


Interactive Signage

Presented by Red Lion Hotels Corporation | November 9th, 2015

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We live in an on-demand world. Wherever we are, be it at home, on the road or in the air, we expect instant access to information. At RLHC, we understand the importance of satisfying the modern traveler’s growing demand for information.


Industry-wide, autonomy is increasingly appreciated by today’s travelers. We ring ourselves up at the Apple Store with our smartphones. We print our own boarding passes at the airport. We’re bringing that empowering autonomy to the hotel space for guests who value self-sufficiency.


Meet InfoGlass, insider information at your fingertips. InfoGlass is a proprietary program for the RLHC family of brands. Part front desk associate, part concierge, InfoGlass is our answer to the emergence of interactive signage. InfoGlass reinforces our dedication to improving the guest experience through innovation.

Our hotel lobby, interactive displays allow guests to navigate through information autonomously, but that doesn’t mean we’re replacing humans with machines. Each of our properties is fully staffed with genuine people who uphold our legendary service culture and gladly help take care of guests’ needs. They key to our interactive lobby displays is convenience. The convenience for guests to avoid lines, check themselves in and access insider information whenever they want. With interactive displays, we’re giving guests one more reason to choose us over the rest.

Furthermore, Smart TVs installed in every guest room allows for a portion of the InfoGlass content to be conveniently browsed by guests in-room.

We are now in the process of implementing InfoGlass across each of our Red Lion Hotel, Red Lion Inn & Suites, and Hotel RL properties to provide guests with constantly updated insider information about the hotel and location.


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