Case Study: Relative Consumer Positions



Presented by Red Lion Hotels Corporation | Janurary 19th, 2015

Survey Results of Hotel Management Readers











The mindset that drives traveler preference and purchase behaviors are changing. Today there are more Millennial travelers than boomers and X’ers. And their travel preferences are becoming standard amongst all genres. Established in 1959, RLHC is repositioning it’s brands and guest programming to accommodate current and future travel preferences. Here’s how:


At RLHC we tailor our positioning through tactics such as retargeting, social media strategies and our multi-channel approach to online presence. We’ve created signature moments – unique service elements that differentiate our hotels by catering to the Millennial mindset. This includes uniquely designed guest rooms, public areas, relationship marketing and our approach to guest relations. In fact, we even revamped our loyalty program from a points based system to one that provides immediate gratification and knowingly recognizes members with surprises that delight their travel journey with us.


Millenials spend almost 18 hours a day consuming media and it’s mostly content created by their peers. They like experiencing brands through frequency programs, recognition events and exclusive access to specials. They respond to authenticity and transparency, and brand ambassadors.


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