Urban Park Hotels launches conversion brand

Five hotels going through the on-boarding process to join the Urban Park Hotel Collection. Photo credit: Getty / E+ / martin-dm (Hotel Reception)

Urban Park Hotels has launched a new conversion brand.  

The membership-affiliated Urban Park Hotel Collection is expected to have a low fee structure, “sensible” property improvement plan requirements, no long-term commitment and a systematic analysis of potential value-added options. The brand is looking at hotels with 25 to 85 rooms, which will include both independent and franchise properties. 

The collection has established two flagship brands, Urban Park Hotel & Suites and Urban Park Hotel Express. The initial one-time startup fee for either flag is $2,000 and then $10 per room per month. The brand is targeting owners who are good operators but can't afford the initial fees and the ongoing costs associated with other hotel franchises. 

The membership structure offered by Urban Park Hotels is meant to be a more affordable alternative to the larger hotel franchise opportunities that use a pricing structure based on the property’s revenue and require a long-term commitment.

Urban Park Hotels has been designated as the holding company for the new chain, which has five hotels going through the on-boarding process.