Customer Data Driven Pricing


Customer Data Driven Pricing

Presented by Red Lion Hotels Corporation | June 29th, 2015

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At RLHC we’ve created a proprietary Guest Management System: RevPak. RevPak closes the data loop on customers by integrating best-in-class technologies that allow hotels to include factors such as online reviews and star ratings into their price positioning strategies. RevPak is designed to drive guests to RLHC properties and provide a single view of each customer, account and hotel client. With RevPak, you can manage everything from field marketing and CRM to pricing and revenue. RevPak enhances the guest experience by socializing consumer requests, preferences and expectations with hotel operations. All sales activity and sales force automation are aggregated throughout the organization. RevPak also enables multi-channel marketing by sending one-to-one and one-to-many campaigns based on customer behaviors and dynamic hotel operations. Simply put, the RevPak Guest Management System optimizes all sales and marketing efforts for RLHC hotels.

RevPak streamlines guest management operations by collecting custom applications under one umbrella. Combined, RevPak delivers on three core objectives: (1) Customer Acquisition, (2) Customer Management, and (3) Customer Retention.


The mindset that drives traveler preference and purchase behaviors are changing. It is imperative to have the data and the tools needed to understand the customer, their consumer behaviors, and also their perception of your hotel brand in order to make the most effective sales and marketing decisions.


The leading technologies within RLHC’s RevPak allow hoteliers to close the data loop on customer sentiment and factor in the information within their price positioning decision making to deliver more customers to their owners.


All RLHC owned hotels with RevPak two years or longer at the end of April 2015 achieved +5.6 RevPAR growth.

In the span of three fiscal quarters, properties that had previously not utilized RevPak saw a 4200% gain in market share after implementing RevPak for their guest management system.

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