A31 Architecture showcases Paros Agnanti Hotel in Krotiri, Greece

A31 Architecture showcased the Paros Agnanti Hotel in Krotiri, Greece. 

Built in the mid-1990s, the main part of the hotel complex exemplifies the post-modern island architecture of the time. Paying respect to the design principles the hotel had been built upon while also adding modern perspectives, A31 first expanded the property’s premises in 2012. Afterwards, the team created a new construction in the southwest side of the complex.  This project consists of a 484-square-foot suite with surrounding space, balconies, a 1,346-square-foot garden, a private pool/spa and a 312-square-foot double room with a patio. White coating was utilized in the outdoor spaces while grey colored cement mortar was used on the flooring and the bathroom.

Inspired by the view of Paroikia guld, A31 created the inner space of the suite drawing influences from sculpture. Therefore, while the different levels, the bed and the bath, the desk and the counters are all built-in and coherent with the floor and wall, they also create the sense of being detached. The double room consists of a 312-square-foot space with a patio.

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Located behind the built-in double bed is the glass wall of the walk-in shower cabinet with the phototherapy unit and the deck floor. The image of an enlarged female face was printed on the glass wall, while on the background the hotel logo is included. The shower bench is also a wall extension, while the custom made bath basins were designed and manufactured of white concrete. The lighting of the room was designed to create a feeling of calmness though the use of light “scenarios."

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