Reclaimed custom faux beams and mantels by FauxWoodBeams

FauxWoodBeams has released Reclaimed, a new style of custom faux beams and mantels.

Recreating the look of antique wood salvaged from centuries-old barns and buildings, Reclaimed is made of high-density polyurethane that is poured into a mold of real wood, then hand-finished by craftsmen to highlight the wood's markings and grain pattern.

The beams' and mantels' custom size options can accommodate almost any project. There are six natural color choices available. The beams and mantels are suitable for outdoor projects as well.

Reclaimed’s polyurethane makeup is durable, deflecting wear and tear with no maintenance required. It also allows the beams and mantels to be lightweight for easy handling and installation.

Beam widths available up to 36" x 36", lengths up to 30'; while mantel lengths are available up to 9'.

Photo credit: FauxWoodBeams