Configured space: PH1 pavilions by Kettal Studio

Kettal Studio has launched PH1, a new series of pavilions that can be adapted to different uses and environments. The pavilions have an aluminum frame that can be paired with more than 40 covers. They may also be transferred to indoor facilities.

The system also has a new kitchen module. The pavilion has metal covering that also provides the structure for the kitchen, and different panels in a variety of finishes and materials can be attached to it, including wooden work top, stoneware, marble and wooden doors.

The movable panels can be closed completely, to protect all the fittings from inclement weather, and opened completely only when required for use. The movable panels become work areas for cooking. The connections to water and electricity can be fitted at the bottom (in the case of an island) or at the back (when it functions as a wall). Internally, it is fitted with water (drain and water heater) and electricity connections. Components can include ceramic hob, barbecue, fridge and a wine cabinet. It also includes storage for kitchen utensils. An optional auxiliary trolley is available to serve as a support table when working in the kitchen but also for transporting and storing tableware, such as bottles and plates.   

Photo credit: Kettal Studio