EchoCloud by Kirei

EchoCloud is a new acoustic ceiling system from Kirei.

EchoCloud was created with high-volume ceilings in mind. The customizable cloud units help absorb sound within an open space and reduce reverberation, no matter the ceiling type (hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, healthcare environments or private residences).

Available in four different styles—Deep Cloud, 3D Cloud, Flat Cloud and Perforated Flat Cloud—and multiple shapes per style, these clouds boost ceiling design capabilities and hide distracting ceiling fixtures.

Kirei offers EchoCloud in any of its 20 standard EchoPanel colors to complement the existing decor. Most importantly, EchoPanel is responsibly sourced and made from recycled materials to qualify for LEED credits and other green building or sustainability certifications. To date, over 80 million plastic bottles have been saved from the landfills and turned into EchoPanel products.