Design flexibility: Cascades Collection by Sterlingham

Sterlingham Company Ltd. launched a new line of single rail towel warmers. Known as the Cascades Collection, these towel warmers have a versatile configuration and style, using less wall space than traditional warmers. As such, they can be hung alone, paired, stacked or arranged in nearly any formation.

The Cascades Collection offers a range of styles to suit contemporary baths, transitional spaces and those inspired by a vintage motif. The Stourton, Park Lane and Wollaston lines make use of classic and flared ball joints to bring a traditional look to the bathroom. The Churchill incorporates 38mm tubes and casted wall mounts for an oversized opulent aesthetic. On a more modern bent, the Tura and Wolverley have a minimalist look with clean lines, while the Craft Master has geometric planes and angles. All are crafted from solid brass and available with electric, hot water or dual fuel heating systems. Each line may be ordered in bespoke sizes and dimensions to suit the needs of individual customers. The collection comes in a variety of hand-polished finishes to complement existing bathroom fixtures and create a cohesive design space.

Photo credit: Sterlingham Company Ltd.

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