Pixel by Stepevi

Isparta, Turkey-headquartered luxury rug manufacturer Stepevi launched a new collection of handcrafted Turkish rugs. 

The Pixel collection was inspired by Isparta’s flora. As its name suggests, it plays off the color-blocking effect of pixelation while invoking regional history and traditional style. Handcrafted using a traditional technique that allows for different layers and heights, the Pixel collection’s base is first tufted with the loop technique combining the wool and the viscose. A second layer of 10 different yarn colors are then incorporated to emphasize the effect of the pixel motifs.

Pixel is available in two abstract designs (Rose or Rose Cage) and seven different hues (Beige, Cliff, Cool Blue, Cool Cream, Dark Gold, Gray, and Warm Red). Pixel rugs can also be customized to any shape or size.