Free-flowing patterns: Emulsion by Artaic

Emulsion is Artaic's latest addition to its Splash Collection of fluid-inspired mosaics. Inspired by free-flowing patterns and textures of the movements of water, Splash incorporates gentle lines to create forms, and the new Emulsion tile pattern is no different. The new design creates a marbled mural, with a mixed color palette that translates into any hospitality space.

Utilizing Artaic’s proprietary Tylist software and advanced robotic manufacturing, each mosaic is custom-made to reduce waste. Emulsion is made of 3/4" Vitreous Glass tiles and offered in seven colorways including Magma, Neon, Zion, Silver, Sangria, Emerald and Curacao. The tile may also be customized using Artaic's color palette and various finish options. Vitreous Glass is ideal for use on walls, pool linings and pool decking.

Photo credit: Artaic